Ryan Adkins
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Naming Projects

Naming companies and products has been a particular focus and passion of mine. Here are a few of the projects that I have named over the years. Some of the projects were brand new and others were rebrands.

New Brands
EKR Gutsy Games
EKR Flannel Season
Quantum Mechanics
Gourmaiz: Artison popcorn

Central Utah Clinic > Revere Health
NoDropOuts > Graduation Alliance
Platinum Payment Systems > Zift
2 Guys Loans > Lift Credit
Xerva > Ordo
The American Academy > AchievePoint

Terminology and Products
doTERRA: IPC > Wellness Advocate
Miche: Shells > Faces
Fastway: E2 > Blaze Hitch
DT Products: Flash, Stealth, andJet  
Caselle: Caselle Connect

Personal Projects
Renegade Red
Core watches
Inzomniac: Board game
Pedal to the Medal: Board game
True Patriot: Board game